3 more weeks... but you can still improve your golf from home!

Hi All..

I hope that you and your families are staying safe during this period. I will be adding regular posts to the new website and thought that I would start off with something that can hopefully help you all make the best of the current situation. I have had a number of requests for 'at home' golf drills so here are a couple of my favorites to start you off..

Putting Gate Drill

In order to be a successful putter you must be able to perform three key skills pretty consistently.

A) You need to be confident at reading greens and be able to pick the correct start line for your ball.

B) You need to be able to start the ball on the line that you have chosen.

C) You need to be able to hit the ball at the correct pace to correlate with the start line that you have chosen.

If just one of the above skills is regularly off then you are likely not going to be holing as many putts as you would like.

The following putting gate drill will be focusing on skill B, starting the ball on the line that you have chosen.

What do I need?

Your putter.

3 golf balls.

2 tins of beans or similar.

This drill is extremely simple and can be done at home on your carpet. Set the two tins 2 feet in front of where you will be putting from. Initially leave a gap of 2 golf balls in between each tin.

Your aim is to hit each ball between the tins. Once you get 3 in a row you can make the gap between the tins slightly smaller. Likewise, if you miss 3 in a row you can make the gap slightly wider. Pay close attention as to whether each of your misses are hitting the left tin or the right tin (pulling or pushing). This will give you some good feedback on your current pattern and what you need to improve.

If you can regularly roll the ball between the tins with slightly more than a 1 golf ball width between them, you can be confident in your ability to start your golf ball on the line that you have chosen. That's 1 of the 3 key putting skills taken care of!

Swing Speed Drill

Lot's of students begin a lesson by telling me that they would like to hit the ball further. In simple terms, distance in golf is mainly affected by the speed that you can swing the golf club. It is no coincidence that the majority of the top golfers in the world are some of the longest hitters. If you can get your ball closer to the green from your tee shot, golf will become easier. In order to hit the ball further you need to swing faster. It is that simple!

The following drill is again very easy and can be performed daily.

What do I need?

1 golf club (preferably your driver).

Plenty of space to make a full swing in the back garden.

Initially take a couple of minutes to loosen up and make some normal practice swings...

Once you are happy and warmed up, I want you to perform 3 sets of 3 swings with a 30 second break in between each set. Each of these swings should be performed with 100% effort, swinging the club as fast as you possibly can. Pay close attention to the sound that the club is making at the bottom of the swing where the ball would normally be. The louder the sound, the faster the clubhead is moving. Try and make that sound louder with every swing!

This is a proven technique to improve clubhead speed and some people have experienced big gains. Every mph you can add to your clubhead speed equates to a couple of extra yards on your drives.

An important final note is that you do not need to swing at 100% when you get back out on the golf course. By training your body to move faster with the drill, your normal golf swing will naturally start to move faster as well.

Give these two drills a try and I will aim to post a couple more each week.

Take care, Alun.

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